About Martina Cleaning Services

Professional Cleaning Company in North Vancouver

Martina Cleaning Services is a professional cleaning company servicing North Vancouver and West Vancouver. We’re a reliable and affordable company, able to provide all of your cleaning needs, regardless of complexity or size. Please contact us to arrange for regular and scheduled service, or just a one-time clean. Enjoy coming home to a clean home or business.

Martina Martinkova, a proud, passionate business owner that delights in her client’s satisfaction, has built a successful company servicing the many families and business owners of North and West Vancouver. Knowledge and execution of specific and proper cleaning techniques and standards native to old European standards has built Martina’s reputation in Canada. Clientele Martina has had the privilege of working for, appreciate this attention to detail that comes with every job.

If your cleaning company has swept something under the rug, give Martina a call and see for yourself what old-world cleaning standards look and feel like – you’ll be happy that you did.